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Pest Control in Lakeville

Animal Damage Control MN LLC is the leading pest control company in Lakeville. We know that when you are dealing with pest control issues, it can mean that your safety and your property are in danger. Our professional technicians are at the top of their industry and will ensure that your pest infestation is controlled in a safe and timely matter. We handle all residential and commercial pest control needs. Our services will provide you the protection you need from a variety of pests. No matter the critter, no matter the property, we are here for you.

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Professional Pest Control

Animal Damage Control MN LLC’s technicians are experienced and professionally trained for any infestation that you might encounter. It is highly recommended to contact our specialists as soon as you notice any pests nesting in your property.

During a consultation, we will inspect your property for entry points, such as:

Depending on the critter and the property, there can be many different causes for an infestation. Our experienced team will identify the issue and inform you how they will execute a solution and control the problem.

We offer services that will help control infestation from:

Residential Pest Control

We know that your home should be your safe space. When rodents invade your home, they subject you to health risks and cause structural damage to your property. Problems scarcely go away with amateur attempts at pest control, and ignoring the issue is not an option as the infestation will only worsen. Luckily for you, Animal Damage Control MN LLC is here. Our professional pest control technicians are experienced, and their response time is impeccable. They will use green pest control techniques to safely control the pest infestation and secure your home from future infestations.

Commercial Pest Control

We know how important maintaining the safety and well-being of your commercial property is. We know that pest control problems must be resolved quickly for you to maintain your regular workflow. Animal Damage Control MN LLC’s experienced team offers a wide variety of pest control services for any infestation you may encounter. We use green pest control techniques that are guaranteed to quickly control your pest infestation and prevent a future one from occurring.

Green Pest Control

We believe in an ethical form of pest control, using 100% natural and organic tactics. All our services are provided with an ethical and environmental approach. Our specially trained technicians will ensure to leave any critters, your property, and the environment in good health after their services have concluded.

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Animal Damage Control MN LLC is proud to be Lakeville’s go-to pest control company. No matter what the infestation is or how severe, we are here for you. Our services consistently provide quality results in an efficient time frame.

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