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Saint Paul Raccoon Removal

We see raccoon damage more often than we see raccoons themselves. Given their nocturnal nature, they tend to wreak havoc in the dead of night. While this might give some wildlife removal companies some trouble, Animal Damage Control MN LLC always rises to the occasion.

Offering humane raccoon trapping and removal services, we isolate and remove raccoons from properties with ease—and we do so for a great rate.

Restore order to your property once and for all. Request the humane wildlife removal services of our team today. Reach our offices by dialing (612) 618-1679.


Removing Raccoons the Right Way

Raccoons might look adorable, but the damage they can do to a property is anything but loveable. That said, there’s no reason to treat these nocturnal animals unkindly. That is why we offer humane wildlife trapping and removal services in our community.

Sensible Staff, Humane Methods

Homeowners don’t like raccoons raiding dumpsters and littering their properties with trash—but they also want to make sure these animals return to their natural environment. Using the most humane, pesticide and chemical-free methods, we turn raccoon troubles into a thing of the past. We restore order to households and return raccoons to more appropriate environments.

How It Is Done

It can be hard to spot a raccoon in the light of day. They’re shrewd creatures with a knack for keeping out of a human’s sight. While it might be hard to spot these long-tailed mammals, it is easy to spot their handiwork—especially if you’re professionals like us.

When we arrive on-site, we will examine the following areas for signs of entry and damage:

  • Holes in your gardens or lawn
  • Structural property damage
  • Droppings in crawlspaces
  • Attics

With the information we gather, we’ll be able to determine the extent of your infestation. We’ll get to work on quickly rectifying the situation in the most efficient and humane way possible.

Would you like to learn more about our services? If so, call us today.

Raccoon Trappers and Property Fixers

We pride ourselves on our humane approach to the raccoon and wildlife removal process. We only use the most animal-friendly methods to remove raccoons from properties. Our approach is nothing short of a win-win.

After removing the raccoons from your property, we will take measures to prevent future entries. By sealing off entry-points in crawlspaces, installing fences, and offering tips on proper waste disposal, we’ll make sure those raccoons keep away from the premises. Our client-tested and raccoon-approved approach works every time.

Rid Your Property of Wildlife Today

Homeowners can find evidence of raccoons everywhere, from trash-covered decks and patios to attics and crawlspaces. They harass livestock, intimidate pets, and can wreak havoc on a property. When you find yourself staring down a raccoon problem, we hope you think of us. We’ll make sure your raccoon troubles become a thing of the past. Call your community’s most trusted animal control experts at (612) 618-1679 today.

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