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Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions, we have the answers. If we have not answered your questions, contact Dave today!

How do you capture animals?

Depending on the species, the environment and your specifics need we employ a combination of humane and safe traps and techniques.


How do you charge for the service?

Each pest/nuisance problem is as unique as the animal creating it. Each site has to be examined to determine the amount of work and resources require to solve your problem. Our pricing is flexible. Our Client Agreements offer short-term and longer term (seasonal) options. We also offer Pay for Performance options.


Do you provide 24/7 service?

Yes, all emergencies are considered.


Do you provide guarantees?

Nobody can control the free will of nuisance wildlife! We will absolutely make sure none of the problem wildlife removed will return.  We will stand by all of our work.


Will you consider annual, seasonal or commercial contracts?

Yes! Dave is excited about expanding to support commercial and local government business. Please contact Dave (612-618-1679) today to discuss commercial requests and further details.


What type of animals do your services cover?

ALL vertebrate critters causing you problem are considered.


Do you help with lost pets?

No, please call your local Humane Society or Animal Rescue.

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