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Animal Damage Control LLC is locally owned and operated with owner Dave Gallup as a licensed Wildlife Control Operator. Dave’s passion for all things wild compelled him to start this business. “I enjoy helping people and wildlife, so this is a natural fit."


Dave graduated from the University of Minnesota with a business degree and spent 25 years working in the healthcare industry. Interestingly, Dave was able to defray 30% of his college tuition from his success as a young fur trapper.


When he left corporate world, Dave was a Senior Account Executive for a fortune 50 company working with the nation’s largest health insurance companies. He was often respectfully regarded as the “biggest corporate redneck” in the company.


Dave’s love of wildlife naturally leads to many opportunities. "Frequently, I would receive requests for help with wildlife challenges.  I enjoyed helping and decided to start Animal Damage Control MN."


With a lifetime of outdoor experience in combination with professional skills learned as a hardened corporate veteran, he will assess your situation, providing solutions to safely and humanely resolve your wildlife nuisance problems.

Service Work

The love of being outdoors and helping others has also lead Dave to one of his favorite experiences.  Assisting and mentoring disabled veterans and youth partake in an annual Spring turkey hunt.


“It is truly a humbling honor to serve a person that has given so much in service to our country. Seeing the joyful gratitude displayed, without a doubt, the most rewarding way of sharing my outdoor experience."


If you are a disabled veteran, or know a disabled veteran, that is interested in a Spring Turkey hunt, call Dave and he will be happy to help.

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We have moles! We have used Dave’s services for years.

His pricing is competitive and he is simply more effective at solving our annual mole problem. His personality adds value to his service. Give Dave a chance and you will happy you did!


Brent B., Bloomington, MN

When I called Dave Gallup, my daughter who lives in the city of St. Paul had found Raccoon tracks inside her garage. Fearing making repairs to openings in the garage would only trap the animal I looked for help. I found Dave on line and gave him a call.  Dave made suggestions and had a plan to check things out. Placing traps in and near the holes he found in the garage, resulted in the capture of the raccoon.  He also pointed out places that I needed to close to prevent further invasions. He even helped me plug some of the holes! Dave is professional, attentive and a pleasant person to work with. I felt his services were fair in price and would hire him back in a minute.


Dallas Crowe, Barron, WI

One night all heck broke loose in the backyard. Dog and raccoon nose to nose. Dave arrived and help me decide on the right approach. He live trapped 3 raccoons the first 2 nights and an Opossum with mange on the next. Seriously, MANGE?!

Thanks Dave…your business really is peace of mind!


The Perkins, Savage, MN


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